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Mini-Reviews 2022: July

82. Sound of Darkness by Heather Graham (Paranormal RS, WM/WW) the romance was pretty perfunctory, dislike to love, only the dog and the amusement of Ragnar over the couple and the serial killer got me through it.  Cw: murder, rape, emotional abuse. 7/1/22

83. Hostile Pursuit by Juno Rushdan ( bodyguard/witness, WM/WW, LEO excessive force history).   Last days in WITSEC and all hell breaks loose, non-stop action and a hero that needs therapy and a new line of work.  Liked the backstory and supporting characters. Cw: assassinations 7/1/22

84. Finding His Mark by Piper J Drake (RS, WM/Thai-Am W, fake girlfriend, assassins). I loved the tension in this story as Su & Michael as they figure out if the can have a future together. Cw: murder attempt, past trauma: rape) 7/1/22

85. Storm Echo by Nalini Singh (m/f, PNR, amnesia, healer/self-hating killer pairing) I feel like I forgot everything that happened in Payal & Canto’s book but I got very invested on Lei & Ivan’s love anyway. Cw: violence, murder, drug addiction, past trauma: parental neglect). 7/1/22

86. The Search by Nora Roberts ( RS, WM/WW, serial killer, competence p rn) dog trainer heroine, serial killer survivor/widow & grumpy wood artist.  Loved it. Great supporting characters, small town vibes. Cw: abduction, murder, SA, guns.7/11/22

87. The Locked Room by Elly Griffiths (mystery with rom elements, Covid-19/lockdown) set in the early days of the pandemic, the team explores suspicious suicides and Ruth uncovers an unexpected family connection to her cottage by the sea. (Cw: suicide, abduction, medical drama). 7/14/22

88. Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts (m/f, missed connections, arson, revenge murders, LEO) family drama, felt sad about the sister’s non-HEA but I loved BO fumbling so hard when he finally meet her.  Cw: stalker, murder, SA, arson. 7/17/22

89. The Collector by Nora Roberts (WM/WW, RS, caretaking Artist/commitment phobic house-sitting-author). She witnessed a murder while watching “window show” and his need for answers tangles them up in deadly treasure hunt. The BFFs get HEAs! (Cw: murder, torture, g*psy imagery) 7/20/22

90. Angels Fall by Nora Roberts ( WM/WW, RS, grumpy writer/wounded chef, violence survivor) living nomadically while healing from a mass shooting, Reese stops in small town & unexpectedly witness a murder… but few believe her (Cw: gaslighting, murder, stalking, guns, G*psy slur) 7/23/22