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Mini Reviews 2022: August

91. Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts (WM/WW, RS). For Rowan Smoke jumping is not just her job but her family and passion.  But her job doesn’t make relationships easy…so she has rules and Gull makes her  breaks all of them (Cw: murder, slut-shaming, violence, abandonment issues) 8/16/22

92. Fire and Rain by Pamela Clare ( WM/Indigenous W, Kodiak AK, Coast Guard Helo rescue, RS, survivor guilt BFF & widow, single parent) Sean is doing his best to fill Justin’s shoes but feel guilty and conflicted when he starts falling for his widow. Cw: drugs, guns, violence 8/20/22

93. Sanctuary by Nora Roberts (WM/WW, RS, serial killer, past trauma) a family fractured by a long ago loss, reopens old wounds and finally heals.  Intense trauma. Heroine and Dad read as ND. MMC kept secrets too long.  Cw: graphic on page SA, abandonment, murder, lying 8/21/22

94. Homeport by Nora Roberts ( WM/WW, RS, thief hero!) Prim, proper Dr. Jones is having her professional reputation shredded by and thru an unexpected series of events the thief that stole from her might be her best ally! Cw: murder, toxic parents, violence, stalking. 8/23/22

95. Ruby Fever by Ilona Andrews (Hidden Legacy series, WM/WW, UFR, resolution) aaaaaaaaaaaaah, so many plot threads resolved, new avenues hinted at.  (Cw: violence, guns, war, past trauma: abuse, also lots of imperial Russians. ) 8/26/22