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Mini-Reviews 2022 : September

96. Aura of Night by Heather Graham (RS, WM/WW, ghosts, serial killers) oooh so boring.  Editor heroine (cw: murder,guns, abduction) 9/4/22

97. High Noon by Nora Roberts (RS, WM/WW, hostage negotiator heroine ) Loved this couple and their dynamic. Tons of competence and found family but I need an epilogue! FTW (cw: transphobia, SA, Harassment, stalking, murder, gore) 9/4/22

98. The Villa by Nora Roberts ( WM/WW, RS, family saga)   Wow La Nora surprised me with how she wrapped this up.  I was on the edge of my seat.  Loved Pilar & her 2ndary romance.  And Maddy!! ( Cw: stalking, murder, violence, harassment ) 9/14/22

99. The Tribute (WM/WW, RS, generational trauma).  3rd Gen. Hollywood royalty turned contractor & house flipper returns to her family’s neglected family home to restore it and make a home but unearths secrets, falls for the nerd next-dr. Cw: murder, ableism harassment, vandalism. 9/18/22

100. Cold Pursuit by Toni Anderson (WM/WW, RS, mall shooting, terrorist false flag attack).  So I finished but mostly out of frustrated bafflement. There were some intense good moments but mostly this was a big no. Cw: murder, slut-shaming, DV, poor “maybe it’s autism”rep) 9/24/22