Mini-Reviews 2022 : September
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Mini Reviews 2022: October

101.  Into the Storm by Rachel Grant (Mexican American WM/WW, RS archeologists/Navy SEAL ).  Love Grant’s stubborn archeologist under duress but Audrey certainly forgave Xavier for his lie so much sooner than I did. Cw: murder, terrorists, sexual harassment accusation, pregnancy 10/12/22

101.5. Before the Storm by Rachel Grant ( see above) Prequel. This was fun and sexy but ooof the ending —-leads right into Into the Storm but wow I was mad at the MMC! 10/12/22

102. Soul Taken by Patricia Briggs (UF, WM/Native W)  one of my favorite Mercy books in a long time!  Tense revelations, build up for more books but the things that need to be solid (Adam/Mercy, the pack, family) are. Cw: murders, possession, abuse, violence. 10/17/22

103. The Liar by Nora Roberts ( WM/WW, contractor/widow) Shelby’s husband is dead, & everything about their life together was a lie…so she comes home…but trouble follows.  Loved Griff and their dynamic, where he cares for her without taking over (Cw: murder, stalking, guns, DV) 10/20/22

104. Hunt the Stars by Jessie Mihalik ( SFR, BK 1, M/W, enemies to lovers). Secrets, nagging suspicions,  too fresh war wounds complicate Tavi & her crew’s an already risky job, yet attraction and admiration grow irresistible. (Cw: PTSD, violence, guns, past trauma: war crimes). 10/23/22

105. Eclipse the Moon by Jessie Mihalik (SFR, 2, adhd rep, m/w, mutual longing)  misunderstood feelings, undercover heists and confounding villains.  Wanted to smack both MCs for their assumptions. (Cw: torture, abduction, guns, violence,murder) 10/29/22


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