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Mini-Reviews 2022: November

106. The Witness by Nora Roberts ( ND fugitive/small town cop) One night of rebellion, twelve years on the run, and affectionate persistent man who helps find a way to stop running.  I got stuck halfway because I worried so much about how it might go wrong! ( Cw: guns, murders). 11/14/22


107. Voice of Fear by Heather Graham (WM/WW, ghost-seeing FBI) hoping I can let this series go now that I’ve finished this arc.  Lost its charm a while ago.  But hooray for no confederate ghosts in this one!  Cw: murder, human trafficking, kidnapping ( 11/17/22)


108. Public Secrets by Nora Roberts ( WM/WW, rock royalty/cop)  Emma’s tragic childhood in the public eye dominate this WF/thriller.  Had to skim parts! Really enjoyed how messy the Love interest is. 

 Cw: depictions of child abuse, death, grief, drug use, depictions of homophobia, intimate partner, violence, guns, fatphobia 11/ 22/22


109. Sacred Sins by Nora Roberts (WM/WW, serial killer) button-down psychiatrist teams up with cops to stop a religiously motivated murderer. Nora leaves so many sequel bait 2ndary  characters on the table!   So much smoking! Cw: murder, suicidal ideation, grief, guns. 11/25/22

Update:  Ed gets the next book! It wasn’t a standalone after all! Sequel bait pays off! 


110. Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts

Grace is shattered when her sister is violently murdered and she needs to make sense of it by involving herself in the investigation…I loved Ed’s steadfastness as he falls for Grace.  


Cw: slut-shaming, fatphobia, violence, murder, SA