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September 23 Reading in Review

118. How to kiss an Undead Bride by Hailey Edwards ( UF, wedding epilogue)

This was fun & I loved that we had POV chapters for Linus.

Cw: murder, stalking, food weirdness, violence, betrayals.


119. How to Survive an Undead Honeymoon by Hailey Edwards (UF, Epi. 2)

A haunted inn seemed like a good idea for until everything turns grislier than they expected.  Trans teen supporting Character

CWs: murder, curses, family secrets, witchcraft, child in peril, arson


120. How to Rattle an Undead Couple by Hailey Edwards ( UF, Epilogue #3 Babylogue) .

I liked this story but it doesn’t strike me as Edwards being done with this world even a little bit.

CWs: food weirdness, weight talk, abduction, violence, stalking, family trauma


121. The Redemption of Boaz Pritchard (UF, novella)

I already liked Addie if not Boaz but I loved her friendship with Cass and their bounty hunting.

Cw: homophobia, sex work, abusive ex, stalker, serial killer.


122. Shadow of Doubt by Hailey Edwards ( UF with Rom elements,  WW/WM, survivors of abuse).

Sad at the villain reveal because I liked them as supporting character!

CWs: murders, secrets, child abuse,fake identity.


123. Pack of Lies by Hailey Edwards (UF w/rom, WM/WW, abuse survivors)

I’m liking this pairing way more than I thought I would, based on their initial appearances in TBGTN.

CWs: murder, stalking, posession, abduction


124. Change of Heart by Hailey Edwards (UF w/rom, WM/WW, abuse survivors)

Lots of great personal growth for both MCs and tense action.

CWs: murder, possession, abduction, past trauma: child abuse.


125. Proof of Life by Hailey Edwards ( UF w/rom, WM/WW, abuse survivors, found family)

Love how those around her help her know that she is loved and worthy of love, when it is super hard.

CWs: murder, violence, possession, betrayal, past trauma: child abuse.


126. Moment of Truth ( UF w/rom, WM/WW, abuse survivors)

Okay this is where the plot hit the fan…but on the other side is hard fought victory & rest

CWs: murders, possession, revenge, violence, past trauma: child abuse

One book to go in the binge!


127. Badge of Honor by Hailey Edwards ( UF w/rom, WM/WW, abuse survivors)

Great ending to the series, with Hadley staying true to herself as she prep for her final pre-appointment challenge.

CWs: abduction, violence, coercion


128. Gray Court by Hailey Edwards (UF w/rom,  WM/WW, toxic parents, found family, redemption)

Ooh this was intense right up to the last page!  Big set up for next book!  Love Rue and all she has built.

CWs: abduction, DV, threat of SA, violence, medical procedures


129. Gray Seas by Hailey Edwards ( UF w/rom, Black Hat Bureau  8 WM/WW, found family)

The last book’s ending was intense … and this one cataclysmic!  So many hard choices & even more ahead!

CWs: murder, poison, gore, abuse, abduction.


130. Dead Letter Days by Kelley Armstrong (Mystery w/rom, WM/AW, novella in between series)  Eric’s POV during the in between time.  Love how  two sets of letters unearth truths long hidden & clarify things for Eric.

CWs: murder, past trauma: DV, abduction, abandonment


131. The Body in the Back Garden by Mark Waddell (Mystery with Rom elements, WM, Gay MC)

Surprised to inherit his estranged home, Luke returns to the small town. Old friends, bittersweet memories & murder complicate all.

Cw: murder, past trauma: homophobia, family rejection


132. Shadows in the Night by Heather Graham (WM/WW, RS novella, Egyptology) A series of freaky deaths draw together two investigators with a passion for archaeology.  Eh, somewhat repetitive but not demanding

Cw: murder, misogyny.


133. A Tempest at Sea by Sherry Thomas ( Mystery w/rom elements WM/WW, Lady Sherlock 7,  Houseparty Mystery at Sea! )

Beautifully crafted, full of misdirection, criss-crossing motives, false identities, I’m drawn ever deeper !


CWs:  murder, blackmail, sexism, ageism, coercion.


134. The Enchanted Hacienda by JC Cervantes (WFic with rom, LW/WM, slow burn )

Harlow’s magic is blossoming after decades of thinking herself the sole non-magical woman in her family but it almost destroys her love in the process.


Cws: Magical accident, sexism, lies,