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October 23 Reading in Review

135. Murder in Black Swan Lane by Andrea Penrose (WW/WM, Uk-set Regency Mystery, Scientist Earl/Widowed satirical cartoonist)  The chemistry!  Love the banter, sparring & real emotion the MCs grapple with while untangling a dastardly murder.  Cw: murder, betrayal, poverty


136. Murder at Half-Moon Gate by Andrea Penrose (WM/WW, Regency era Mystery with Rom) big changes for Charlotte & the weasels, increasing vulnerability & connection! Love these book even with the occasional info-dumps!  CWs: murder, poverty, sexism, blackmail


137. Murder at Kensington Palace by Andrea Penrose ( WW/WM, mystery with Rom elements). 

The pacing/tension in the rom in this book wasn't great (too many infodumps not enough together time)l'm invested but I'm taking a break.

Cw: murder, blackmail,

mental illness - rep.


138. Dangerous Collaboration by Deanna Raybourn (WM/WW,

Victorian era Mystery with Rom)

Stoker's brother manipulates Veronica & Stoker into joining him at doomed house party in order to solve a painful mystery.

CWs: murder, gaslighting, abduction


139. The Buried Hours by R.S.

Grant (Mystery with Rom, WW/WM, ARC, 12/5/23)

Intense & gripping twisty mystery.

Desperate for answers she won't be deterred.

CWs: murder, abduction, brutal rape, gaslighting, coercion, human trafficking, betrayal, suicidal ideation, violence, PTSD


140. Heartless by Elsie Silver (WM/WW, single-dad, age gap, nanny)  I cruised through the first 3/4 of this bk  thank to great tension/humor but then angst-paused ! Still would rec.

CWs: surprise pregnancy, light kink, bullying, PT: abandonment, death of parent.


141. Murderous Relations by Deanna Rayborun (Victorian UK-set mystery with Rom WM/WW) The ripper murders & a plot to overthrow monarchy are background to Stoker & Veronica’s love affair. A

CWs: murder, abduction, violence, serial killers, pro-imperialism MCs


142. Big Witch Energy by Molly Harper (PNR, WM/WW, 2nd Chance, single dad, bk2, audio original. While I enjoyed the performances and the story m. At least 5 times the audio was spliced in such a way as to repeat words and phrases. Cw:  murder, toxic family


143. An Unexpected Peril by Deanna Raybourn ( Victorian/UK-set mystery with Rom WM/WW)  mountain climbing, secret romances, a missing princess, doppelgänger shenanigans,   Live for their banter!  CWs: murder, bury your gays, kidnapping, violence)