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November 23 Reading in Review

144. Death Below Stairs (WW/WM, London UK-Set, Victorian Era Mystery series with romantic elements)Mrs H is a very good cook but she might be an even better sleuth! She can’t help but get involved when her assistant is found dead in the pantry!

CWs: imperialism, discrimination


145. Scandal Above Stairs by Jennifer Ashley (WW/WM, UK-set, Victorian era Mystery with Rom) When painting & artifacts go missing in Mayfair, Mrs. H & Daniel’s investigations intersect again! Delightful series so far CWs: murder, imperialism, misogyny, grief.

146. Death in Kew Gardens by Jennifer Ashley (WW/WM, UK-set, Victorian-era Mystery with Rom) The centrality of trust and vulnerability in relationships central to the plot as is Mrs. H befriending a Chinese scholar. CWs: imperialism, murder, racism, blackmail, poisoning.

147. Murder in the East End by Jennifer Ashley (WW/WM, UK-set, Victorian-era Mystery with Rom elements). Daniel reluctantly introduces Kat to his disreputable brother as he needs her help to help save some missing foundlings. Cw: cruelty, child sex abuse, murder, secrets.

148. A Soupçon of Poison by Jennifer Ashley ( WW/WM, UK-set, Victorian Era Mystery with Rom, 0.5 Novella ). Missed this when I started the series but it introduces Kat as a falsely accused cook, determined to find the true killer

CWs: SA, murder, imprisonment, secrets.

149. System Collapse by Martha Wells (SF, Murderbot Diaries)

Twisty, moody, moving and just so comforting and engrossing. Love just everybody in this.

CWs: violence, anxiety, past trauma, medical procedures.

150. Death at the Crystal Palace by Jennifer Ashley (WM/WW, Mystery with Rom)  Mrs. H sleuthing is taking up more & more of her time & keeps blurring her place/relationships, raising the stakes ever higher.  Cw: murder, grief, secrets, homophobia, references to SA, imperial abuse

151. A Power Unbound by Freya Marske (WM/WM, cross-class, Bk 3 in Last Binding series). Loved the whole series but this book is fantstic combination of all I have loved, action, angst, & amor.  CWs: violence, coercion, kink, bullying, references to past SA.

152. When She’s Shy by Ruby Dixon ( WW/Blue Alien W,  short story, not-so-secret crush)

Low conflict. Crush turns into more & once some communication issues are overcome they get sweet HEA.

CWs: harassment, past trauma: sexual slavery, abandonment, kidnapping


153. The Secret of Bow Lane by Jennifer Ashley ( WM/WW, Victorian era Mystery with Rom, UK-set)

Kat finally has to face some of her worst memories to solve the murder of her  bigamist late husband & maybe find the fortune he left behind.

CWs: violence, murder, past trauma: IPV