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Favorites of 2023

December 23 Reading in Review

154. Cold Curses by Chloe Neill (UF, WM/WW,resolution). Pacing of this was installment was weird both slow and rushed at points. Some great moments and a lot of eh ( CWs: violence, murder, possession, secrets, abduction).

155. An Impossible Impostor by Deanna Raybourn ( WM/WW, mystery  with Rom, Victorian era). I loved the first half of the book and then I go super stressed & had to skip to the end & skim backwards.  Aaaack (cws: imperialism, past trauma: abandonment, lies, financial abuse.)

156. A Sinister Revenge by Deanna Raybourn ( WM/WW, Victorian era mystery with Rom).  I wanted to shake both Stoker & Veronica but I could actually read the whole book!  Now yo wait till March for more!! CWs: murder, grief, sexism.


A Graphic Audio Book Binge!

157. Clean Sweep

158.Sweep in Peace

159. One Fell Sweep

160. Sweep of the Blade

161. Sweep with Me

The innkeeper Chronicles bks 1~5 by Ilona Andrews (SFR, WM/WW). Have been enthusiastically adapted by the Graphic Audio team.

I absolutely love the worldbuilding in these books and the full cast audio  helped me notice some of the more subtle bits in this reread.

I also skimmed reread

162. Sweep of the Heart bk 6 that has not yet been dramatized!

It also almost launched me in reread of the Edge


163. Magic Bites

164.Magic Burns

165. Magic Strikes

Al by Ilona Andrews

The Graphic audio on these is also excellent with a great menacing Curran and fab cast!

166. Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree (Fantasy with found family) This book was sweet, surprising and really enjoyable to listen to as Viv, Cal, Tandry & the crew buildup a cafe and community from scratch.  Cws: sexual harassment, extortion,, secrets, arson, betrayal

167. The Price of Lemon Cake by Jennifer Ashley (W TransM/WW, Victorian era, UK set, novella)

Bobby & Judith have been an establish pair but this novella centers them & their relationship as they help Mrs H &  open a door once closed in Judith’s past.  Cw: sexism, transphobia.

168.  Splinter by Jasper Hyde (UF /SFR, DemiAM/BiBW, 2nd chance, Sleepy Hollow)

Loved the world building and the characters, the pacing towards the end was a bit rushed for both the rom & plot but would definitely read more in this world.

CWs: violence, murder, gore, grief.

169. Hidden Depths by Ann Cleeves (mystery, UK-set, serial killer bk3) murdered boy in a bath, a dead young woman in a tidal pool. Cleeves excels in creating unsettling relationships & exploring loneliness & isolation. CWs: murder, mental illness, infidelity, obsession.

170. Silent Voices by Ann Cleeves (mystery, UK-set, bk4) tangled lives, shameful secrets and private betrayals. I love Vera and how petty she can be. Did not guess the murderer but it made sense! CWs: fatphobia (whole series), murder, bullying, alcohol use, death of children.

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