RT Book Reviews Round-up: Sidebar by Carsen Taite & On The Brink of Passion by Tamsen Parker

I took a big break from reviewing for RT because of the extra stress in my life in the immediate aftermath of Maria.  But over the last few months I have sporadically started reviewing for them again. A couple of those review are now available to all readers, not just subscribers.

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Sidebar by Carsen Taite: I really liked the beginning of this romance. The initial interactions between Camille and West were delightful but the story was quickly derailed for me by jarring editing issues, as repetitive passages and uneven pacing sapped the energy from the story. For my full review visit: RT Book Reviews

51YuxMmklULIn contrast I really enjoyed Tamsen Parker's On the Brink of Passion, the final book in her Snow and Ice Games series. Although I was initially skeptical by the premise, I was really won over by Parker's portrayal of Jubilee's grief & anxiety and Beckett's delightful sweetness. For my full review visit: RT Book Reviews

#RombkLove Reads!: Join us for a reading challenge in 2018!

I am not the best person to promote a reading challenge, since I usually forget about them mid-year but this is more of a conversation challenge.  Willaful and Sunita and others wanted to continue the fun they were having with their #DecktheHarlequin challenge and carry in its idea into the New Year and they asked if they could use #Rombklove for the tag.  I am super excited because reading and book conversations are self-care, and I can't wait to talk books with all of you in the new year.

Commitment is minimal. Just read and post about the books you are reading that relate however loosely to the month's theme.  We will start out with the theme Fire and Ice, to give people time to read lots of books with this theme, we will have it go through Feb.

Please feel free to share book recs on the tag too. Books that you might have read in the past that fit the theme.  We will also be looking for suggestions for later in the year.



And if you need some ideas of some tropes and topics that fit the theme here are some that my brain couldn't but catalog late the other night.  If you have any we should add, share them in the comments.


Ice Princess
Fiery Temper
Blowing Hot & Cold
Too Hot to Handle
Carrying a Torch
Walk through Fire
As Cool as Ice
On Thin Ice
Break the Ice
Tip of the Iceberg
Stone Cold Fox
Cool Cucumber
Cold Fish
Blood Runs Cold
Cold Showers
Cold Comfort
Out in the Cold
Sweating Bullets
Hot Under the Collar
Snowed In
Burnt Out
Ears are Burning
Burning Bridges
Burning Passion
Where there is smoke...
Fired Up
By Candlelight
Burn it all down

and who could forget

Dragons and Phoenixes!


Strong Signal and Fast Connection (Cyberlove 1 & 2) by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell


*NOTE: 3.9.18 -- Since this was published allegations have come to light that the author known as Santino Hassell, Catfished and mislead co-authors, fans and others

Strong Signal (Cyberlove #1):  Garrett Reid is serving the last 9 months of his military career deployed in Afghanistan.  He spends his precious few hours of downtime playing video games, where one day he is mercilessly destroyed by an overpowering opponent. Angry he decides to virtually track down the Orc only to discover that he is Kai Bannon,a "gaymer" with his own Twitch stream (video gameplay channel) with legions of adoring followers and subscribers. At first Garrett hate-watches the stream, trash-talking in the Chat, but before long he finds himself grudgingly admiring him and starting to feel protective of Kai (after hypocritically benefiting from tumblrs full of stalker/fan-fodder about Kai).  He can't resist sending Kai a concerned email. Kai and Garrett then start exchanging initially tense then later, funny and tentatively flirtatious emails, then gchats and more. They have a great opposites-attract dynamic that blossoms into a beautiful sense of compatibility for two people who struggle to be understood, seen and truly known.

There is so much going on in this novel and all of it good. Erickson and Hassell layer emotionally-rich and realistic portrayals of imperfectly loving families, online communities, economic pressures, sexual identity and the tensions and conflicts inherent in building authentic intimacy and friendships while interacting online.  While Kai and Garrett's sexual chemistry is hotter than fire it is not enough to overcome the serious obstacles they face in building something permanent. A lasting relationship require they both put in serious work on themselves and the way they communicate in order to make their relationship work.

I have a great deal of respect for how Hassell and Erickson dealt with Kai's mental health issues. Garrett and Kai love each other but that doesn't magically cure anxiety.  While having an understanding partner is super important, in the end therapy and medication is how those things are addressed. And it is powerful to have Kai be the one who puts in that work and effort, because he values himself and wants more for himself.

30415154Fast Connection (Cyberlove#2):

Dominic Costigan is at loose ends. Twenty-six and recently out of the military, he feels just as lost and directionless as he was at 18, living in his parents' basement and working the counter at the family bagel shop.  At the same time he feels extremely alienated from his old friends, who don't understand why he doesn't simply go back to being the hookup obsessed dude-bro  he used to be. Having only recently become aware of his bisexuality, he is completely unsure about how to approach men and signal he is looking for something more than just a one-night stand.

Luke Rawlings only wants one-night stands. After a disastrous relationship wrecked his career and endangered his family he keeps his sexual needs very separate from the rest of his life. But Dominic's charm, persistence and  vulnerability wear down Luke in bending and eventually breaking his strict compartmentalization, complicating his life in ways that he never expected to value.

I was again moved by the richness of the storytelling. Erickson and Hassell weave multiple storylines and themes into a very satisfying whole. I loved the centrality of family and how fragile but tangled those bonds can be. Both Dominic and Luke are very protective of their families, despite the very different ways those families operate. I love how Erickson and Hassell portray the tender work necessary to rebuild relationships after meltdowns.

Both these novels illustrate one of my favorite relationship lessons -- Relationships take work and while sex can spark relationships it is the commitments made to walk the hard path together that sustain them.  Time and time again Kai & Garrett and Luke and Dominic can get everything right sexually but it is the fact that they come back to each other when things get hard, when apologies need to be made and after things have gotten uncomfortable that builds toward the HEA.  Kai, Garrett, Luke and Dominic are broken, flawed people and they are worth of love in that brokenness.

I can't wait to dive into Santino Hassell and Megan Erickson's backlists and I eagerly look forward to Cyberlove #3.

Broken Resolutions by Olivia Dade

51z+yqhGJUL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Penny Callahan has excellent plans for New Year's Eve. She is planning on enjoying a delicious burger and fries in her PJ's alone on her couch. However she has to abandon those plans at the urging of her insistent co-worker Angie who needs her to take over running the Library's first-ever New Year's Singles Night event.  

Jack Williamson is a reclusive writer who since his divorce prefers quiet nights at home with his daughter above most everything else. His daughter, however is spending New Year's with his ex and his widowed mother has recruited him to drive her to the library for their Singles event only to discover she has bought him a ticket to attend too.  Grumpy but resigned Jack just hopes he can make it through the night without anyone recognizing him.

This was a fun little novella, breezy and sexy. I really enjoyed Dade's humor and writing style in general and that carried me through the romance progressing much faster pace than I generally like.  Jack is clearly afflicted with Insta-lust as he moves from intrigued attraction to determined passion in just one night.  Penny's attack of lust was a bit too sudden, but I enjoyed her sneakiness nonetheless.  Penny's downtrodden self-image grates at points, but her wariness and hurt at Jack's deception is only natural after the awful year she has had.  The resolution to their conflict was very sweet.

As a librarian I am always a little bit sensitive to the depiction of shy librarians but Dade who used to work at a Library, does a great job with it. I am very intrigued by Angie, Penny's outrageous and boundary-pushing co-librarian, who runs afoul of the Library administration. I am eager to read her book.

Disclosures:  Olivia Dade is good friend. Olivia and I met through Twitter.  After getting together at RWA, Olivia asked to me beta read a couple of her upcoming novels, which I greatly enjoyed reading.

Kensington Lyrical provided a review copy but I also bought my own.